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The LabourGroup has created this page as a resource for BC Craft Brewers to build and maintain an affordable  Human Resources program tailored to Craft Brewers in our Province.

Check with our News and Blog sections keep up to date with the most recent changes affecting human resource management for Craft Brewers and keep abreast of the latest legislation and regulations that might affect how your Brewery has to manage its employees and operation.

Learn how other craft brewers are adapting to the challenge of managing their Occupational Health & Safety program.

Ask questions and get answers that matter to your Brewery.

What We Do

Working with BC Craft Brewers to achieve and maintain compliance with legislation and regulations required by WorkSafeBC, Employment Standards and BC Human Rights commission.

Human Resources and its related topics, like Occupational Heath & Safety and Human Rights are confusing at best, and daunting or intimidating at worst.

We can demystify these for you.

Educating and training brewers so that you understand the processes and can affordably  implement and maintain your own compliance programs to fit the needs of your Craft Brewery.

We will make it simple, affordable and easy to implement.


Working with Craft Brewers in BC, generally our clients do not have the time or resources to develop an effective, safe HR program to meet the requirements of WorkSafeBC or the other Provincial and Federal agencies in areas like Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) programs.

We have developed OHS systems specifically suited to the BC craft brewing industry.  Simple, effective and easy to use, the intention is that your brewery will adopt these systems, become compliant with the law, make your operation safer, and reduce your WCB premiums in the process.

Working closely with WorkSafeBC and the BC Craft Brewers Guild we are working to create an effective OHS plan, providing diagnosis, orientation, and training so brewers can work to reduce workplace injuries resulting in lower WorkSafeBC premiums, increased productivity, with an improved bottom line.


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