A Union Drive Has Started

Fight to remain union-free

Avoid union certification prior to or during a union drive. The union has not yet made an application to the Labour Board, now is the time to speak, and be heard.

General Approach

Monitor workplace temperament to assess appetite for opposing certification.  Manage the working environment to foment opposition and fight the certification drive.  Plan and execute a campaign to encourage a pro-company, union-free mindset among the employees of the company.

A union certification drive is an indication that the workforce wants more management of the workplace. This is a starting point.

Identify trigger items, threat issues and communicate commitment to change.  Mea Culpe speech by owner or highest local authority.  Language and trust become critical elements of this stage.

There are a number of legal, actionable items that will present alternatives to employees who want to remain union free.  Close interaction with labour lawyers is critical to the success of this stage.

Management wins organizing campaigns on its history, not on its promises.  Start making history.

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